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Category: Konosuba Fantastic Days

Priconne Clan Battle Sept 18 First Wave Wyvern 1.1M

Got to battle a lot in Priconne. The wyvern was rather tough but I’m glad with how things went. My team is pretty great and I am happy with how it’s going.

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Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story – last free premium gacha 10-roll – 4-star Mizuki Rui

Just a normal roll, but I ended up with a new four star! I had never even seen her before and she looks so cool, I love her style and her weapon. Her name is Mizuki Rui and I looked up her story and it turns out she is really caring. She asked, as her […]

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Konosuba Recruiting – Server crashed just before I rolled the Gacha

Dang, I was gonna roll but the server crashed, what a shame.

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Konosuba Fantastic Days [konosubafd] – Summer P2 Gacha – Elegance Melissa 4-star!

I did another draw. I got Melissa from it! I was extra excited because I know she is a great character and I know some people even have to re-roll for her so I am thankful to have gotten her first try.

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Konosuba Fantastic Days 4-star Gacha Dancing Adventurer Erika!

I did a draw in which I got Erika! I was so excited that I drew so many great characters. This game is so fun and I love the story-line as well. Y’all should definitely watch the anime.

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Guaranteed four star!

In konosuba, I was guaranteed a four star gacha! It’s so great that I could get Yunyun from it! I absolutely love her, she is such a great character. I was so excited to have gotten her.

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Coolmura summons Homura

I love that the game works like this. It looks so cool and I love that both of them can exist in one. The cutscene was pretty epic as well. Homura is one of my favorite girls so it’s always fun to see her. Here is Homura with glasses‘ profile. Here is Coolmura’s profile. I […]

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Konosuba Fireworks!

Having fun with the fireworks. Megumin lights up the sky with fireworks, it was funny when she was getting worked up about casting her magic. I don’t think it was exactly a firework but it was definitely fire. This game is so fun and I love it. Aqua is so happy as well and her […]

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Haraku Kanade

Haraku is a cute characte. Her wish is *spoiler* too make her sister disappear. She’s a strong character and I like playing as her. She has an epic spear that can turn into two spears. She is the leader of the Hohzuki Magical girls. Here’s her Magia Record profile if you wanna check it out.

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Drawing Coolmura two times in a row!

Coolmura is such a great character. She fights fairly well and I’m happy to have drawn her, especially twice in a row. Homura has such a great backstory. And if any of y’all have seen the anime, you’d know that Homura has a rather sad story. A lot of people consider her evil, however she […]

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