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Genshin Impact Desk Mat

Best Monster Mouse Pad Ever?

My main streaming setup is a laptop on a stand that’s got a fan for cooling. Between the fans in the laptop that start whining good when the GTX 1660 Ti is working hard, and the fan in the stand, it’s pretty noisy. To make matter so much worse, I have an old glass surface desk. It was pretty cool in the early 2000’s. It’s a bit outdated now, but I can’t get rid of it (no one wants it) and I can’t afford to replace it with the height adjustable desk I want.

One of the worst aspect of this is that I’m using a Razer Seiren Mini (pink) mic on the short stand, and the echo of the fans off the glass desk is horrible for just about any noise-reduction plugin or adjustment I try to make. Even if successful in reducing it while I talk, the trailing end of my talking when the noise gate tapers off is super annoyingly full of white noise.

I was going to use a thin foam pad but discovered the Genshin Impact Oversize Gaming Mouse Pad and thought I could get that under the laptop stand and still have room for my Razer Death Adder Gaming Mouse with enough room to allow for my wildly erratic mousing style.

The mouse pad arrived super fast considering it was only a week or so to Christmas, and it was the perfect size. I had to rearrange a few things on my desk and with the stand on it, not a whole lot of the image is visible, sadly. I did try it on another desktop PC with a regular gaming keyboard, and the images were pleasantly easier to see.

The sound was vastly superior to the old sound. In fact when I first did the noise-reduction sample pass the needle didn’t even move. I had to mess with it a bit to actually get a noise profile, it was that much better. The pad feels somewhat velvety and you would think maybe the laptop stand would slide around but under aggressive keying, like in a boss battle, the laptop stayed in place. In contrast to that the mouse action is velvet smooth and quieter under the stress of my normal lift and slam mouse action while centering the cursor.

If you’re a Genshin Impact fan, the artwork is awesome and there are a handful or more of different prints to pick to suit your own favorites, or artistic preferences. Images in first row are a test with a gaming keyboard on a child’s desk.

Yes, please do yourself a favor and get one of these now. Genshin Impact Oversize Gaming Mouse Pad

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