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Tag: Konosuba

Konosuba Fantastic Days [konosubafd] – Summer P2 Gacha – Elegance Melissa 4-star!

I did another draw. I got Melissa from it! I was extra excited because I know she is a great character and I know some people even have to re-roll for her so I am thankful to have gotten her first try.

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Konosuba Fantastic Days 4-star Gacha Dancing Adventurer Erika!

I did a draw in which I got Erika! I was so excited that I drew so many great characters. This game is so fun and I love the story-line as well. Y’all should definitely watch the anime.

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Guaranteed four star!

In konosuba, I was guaranteed a four star gacha! It’s so great that I could get Yunyun from it! I absolutely love her, she is such a great character. I was so excited to have gotten her.

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Konosuba Fireworks!

Having fun with the fireworks. Megumin lights up the sky with fireworks, it was funny when she was getting worked up about casting her magic. I don’t think it was exactly a firework but it was definitely fire. This game is so fun and I love it. Aqua is so happy as well and her […]

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