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Tag: magia record

Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story – last free premium gacha 10-roll – 4-star Mizuki Rui

Just a normal roll, but I ended up with a new four star! I had never even seen her before and she looks so cool, I love her style and her weapon. Her name is Mizuki Rui and I looked up her story and it turns out she is really caring. She asked, as her […]

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Haraku Kanade

Haraku is a cute characte. Her wish is *spoiler* too make her sister disappear. She’s a strong character and I like playing as her. She has an epic spear that can turn into two spears. She is the leader of the Hohzuki Magical girls. Here’s her Magia Record profile if you wanna check it out.

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Drawing Coolmura two times in a row!

Coolmura is such a great character. She fights fairly well and I’m happy to have drawn her, especially twice in a row. Homura has such a great backstory. And if any of y’all have seen the anime, you’d know that Homura has a rather sad story. A lot of people consider her evil, however she […]

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Magia Record – Promised Blood Kureha Yuna 4-star Gacha Summons

A young magical girl who was born to an extremely rich household, which is also one of the most distinguished families in Kamihama City. Having lived in the highest upper class, most things have been solved with money. After meeting the being of her admiration, she is now looking for ways other than money to […]

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